Wade Robson (wade_r) wrote,
Wade Robson

Have I ever mentioned how nice Australia is this time of the year? Nice and sunny, considering its summer here.
I came home for Christmas, after J talked me into…well he actually forced me to go. I swear if he was in LA he would have probably dragged me down to the airport himself.
My mom was shocked I came home; I guess she didn't think I would be back after our falling out…even though we did patch things up. I had sent her a present but as she put it…nothing was a better present than having her son and grandson come home for Christmas.
I can't begin to describe the emotions I am feeling right now…being home and having Jeremy with me is the best present I could of asked for. Which means no trial…my lawyer called me on Sunday and said her parents had thought about it and decided that it was in the best interest of Jeremy that he be with his father…me. Her parents flew into LA last night and that first time I held him in my arms I about lost it right then and there and started sobbing.
My mom was just floored to see Jeremy and me on her doorstep a few hours ago. She couldn't even speak…I think she was expecting the mailperson. I know she is happy to have me home this Christmas…considering it is the first one without my dad around.
Today I think I am going to stick with my dad's old tradition from when I was a kid and pass it along to Jeremy. Every Christmas morning he would take me down to the city and would spend the morning together, just me and him…my sister and brother never seemed to want to go and my dad has his own traditions with them so it wasn't like the were being left out. And then in the afternoon we would me up with the rest of the family at the beach and have Christmas dinner there while some crazy lunatic would dress up as Santa and skydive out of a plane and land on the beach near us.
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