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Be happy, it’s a real update.

So I called my lawyer this morning to set up a meeting, luckily he had a free spot and was able to fit me in this morning. I told him about everything…wanting a divorce...Lance’s parents not returning my calls...and wanting my kid back.
I’ve been trying to actually see my kids or even talk to them but Lance’s parents won’t return my calls or even answer when I call. I don’t know if or what he told them but I just want him...he's are my own flesh and blood too.
The divorce might be a little hard to actually get it finalized just because of the fact I have no idea where Lance is and I can’t get him to sign the papers then. But my lawyer said he would take care of everything and call me in a few days to keep me informed, though he said most likely the whole thing will go to trial or something so I can actually get sole custody of Jeremy.
*sighs slightly and rubs eyes* I have a feeling the next few months are going to be rough.

Hey J, it’s me. Sorry about leaving so early this morning, my lawyer had time for a quick meeting at 10am so I took it. And you were fast asleep so I didn’t want to wake you. Oh yeah, did you end up picking Izzy up yesterday? I was going ask you that yesterday but then I forgot and yeah I haven’t seen her for a while, so I was thinking I would take you two out for dinner tonight you know like old times. Give me a call back.

Well it’s back to work now, I’ve got two classes and then some meeting today *rolls eyes* Great…just what I need today.
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